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They all meet in a dark, secluded alley, transform in front of the two amazed humans, introduce themselves and tell of the reasons they had to come to Earth to Sam and Mikaela. He believes that Starscream is vital in their search for Megatron and the AllSpark. The film begins with the history of Cybertron's destruction at the hands of Megatron, and his quest to obtain the All Spark. Bumblebee could use Barricade's robot wrecking claw to aid him in his missions to retrieve MechTech weapons technology stolen by the Decepticons.

Witwicky inadvertently activated Megatron's navigational system, which etched the AllSpark's coordinates into his glasses. He stood around on a rocky butte, walking back and forth and waiting for Bumblebee to drive up to him. This room contained a giant frozen Megatron replica and offered free avatars of both Bumblebee and Barricade.

He claimed to have chafed under Starscream's leadership, but was willing to tolerate him for the moment. Don Murphy was planning a G. Planetfall Megatron immediately took off to pursue the AllSpark, leaving Starscream with orders to eliminate the Autobots in advance of his return.

The glasses end up in the possession of his great-great-grandson Sam Witwicky. Seymour Simmons, the agency's director, reveals that Mikaela has a criminal record and threatens Sam with life imprisonment, at which point the Autobots disable the convoy and rescue the teens. It is a spin-off to the Transformers series and a prequel. Transformers is a series of American science fiction action films based on Transformers franchise which began in the s.

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It's boring and it would look fake. Informed that Sam had destroyed the AllSpark and Megatron, Barricade suggested recovering the lost Frenzy so they could access his data files on the boy. Roberto Orci Alex Kurtzman. Barricade pleaded with Lockdown for help, but the explosion damaged Lockdown's optics, and he fled. Things were looking up after Ironhide was caught in an explosion, but the two Decepticons were mobbed by humans and when Optimus Prime turned up as well, the pair fled.

The Last Knight was released, The film was universally panned by film critics and underperformed at the domestic and international box-office becoming the least successful film in the series. For a time we lived in harmony, but, like all great power, some wanted it for good, others for evil. The still-frozen Megatron is moved into this facility, and is reverse engineered to further advance human technology.

Entertainment News International. BeCool and later joined his police force partner Patrol Car to welcome audiences to the world in which the BeCool robots lived.

Optimus arrives to protect Sam, and engages in a battle against Megatron, with the latter getting the upper hand. In addition to the films, the film series has a promotional expanded series that is set both before and after the events of the films. He and his comrades then followed Yeager to England, knowing he was the key to finding the Staff.

Ironhide's friendliness began starting to disturb him. Barricade overcame the odds and hunted down Bumblebee once more, finally besting the Autobot and taking the glasses from Sam.

Starscream, one of the Decepticons that survived the battle, leaves Earth. They soon came under attack from the humans and he returned fire. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Transformers film.

Once the general audience is fully on board with the whole thing, maybe Dinobots in the future. The Game Full of Death and Suffering! Barricade and Grindor were sent to Tokyo to cause a diversion.

Transformers (film series)

Even grabbing Ironhide from behind didn't work, as Ironhide's weapons worked as rocket boosters to throw the pair backwards, and Barricade was body-slammed into a nearby building. But we were already too late.

When Optimus and Bumblebee entered the fray, Starscream ordered Barricade to leave the Nemesis to reinforce their numbers. After being active on Earth for some time, Barricade arrived to pick up Frenzy after the smaller Decepticon's attempt to hack into and sabotage the United States military network on Air Force One. Platinum Dunes Unrealized projects.

Primes and Matrix holders Female Transformers. It is currently the highest-rated film in the Transformers series. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. The Secret of the Movie Transformations?

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Barricade was killed in the Mission City Los Angeles battle. As such, he has disguised himself as an Earth police car in an attempt to fool the humans around him. Critics praised it for its lighter tone, story, visuals, acting and faithfulness to the s Transformers show. However, he was once again intercepted by Bumblebee, and finally defeated for good.

Autobots, foul Autobots, here we come. In an attempt to cover up the existence of the Transformers, Sector Seven is disbanded, while the remains of the Decepticons are cast into the Laurentian Abyss.

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Whether one considers that a good or bad thing for a movie and if the movie was enough fun to overcome that is, of course, ohm meditation highly debatable. Roger Ebert noted that this sequence was what made him give the movie three out of four stars rather than the full four.

After throwing Frenzy at Sideswipe, Barricade engaged the Autobot in combat, managing to defeat him by freezing him to a wall. Orci and Kurtzman experimented with numerous robots from the franchise, ultimately selecting the characters most popular among the filmmakers to form the final cast. For an extensive synopsis of the battle, see separate article Mission City.