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An essay this is compulsory and the topic is given. Even though some students write accurately with no spelling mistakes, one thing that you might continue to have difficulty with is using a wide range of language.

As you can see from these synonyms, it is important for you to appreciate the differences in meaning between synonyms. You will need to make sure that you are well-equipped with a bank of synonyms relating to different topics and are able to express certain things using different expressions. But can we all use them in the same way? Loaded is the informal use of rich Well off connotes that they are not only rich but also in a good situation.

But it comes highly recommended. Chunks are words that commonly go together i.

Top tips for cae

However, while studying and practising there are some particular areas and aspects that you should focus on if you are going to push on to get a higher score. One other point that you will have to consider is your use of functional language.

Guess What Activity Book 3 with online Resources

That family at the end of the street are quite well off. Even if you are a strong writer but you go into the exam with no previous experience or knowledge about how to complete each of the writing tasks, you will surely encounter problems. For example, can you complete the collocations in the following sentences? Well, there are many really useful online resources that can help you improve your English and get a better score in the Cambridge Advanced exam. Knowing exactly how it works, what each part is testing, and how to tackle the different skills is crucial for success.

When you come across unfamiliar collocations, focus more deeply and try to connect the main verb with other words to come up with other collocations that you are familiar with and could use. Your partner will be asked a follow-up question to which they should give a brief answer. Should you write descriptively or should you write factually? See below for the missing words Good luck!

One of the apps we love at Atlas is Grammarly. It would make no difference to your sister if I borrowed her hairdryer without asking. Make sure you have them clear in your mind before you use them!

Use the time before each recording starts to skim-read the questions and the options, underlining key words and phrases in both. There are also many online resources that can help you. Each type of writing is unique and has its own style, tone and language. This will often lead you to choosing the wrong answer.

He comes from quite an affluent background. This will help you to pinpoint the section of the recording that contains the answer.

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You can then revise this later and test yourself on your own mistakes. Grammarly is a google chrome extension that monitors your writing and analyses your mistakes as you write. Which one we use will depend on the context. They are there to ensure you are paying attention to the whole text and not just looking for words that match between the questions and the text. Which English exams should I choose?

Learn what each writing requires you to do. Click here to cancel reply. For example, a review should have a more relaxed conversational tone, while a letter of complaint should be very formal. Do take advantage of this great tool.

This will help you to organise your ideas. Take a few minutes to brainstorm some ideas and make a very simple plan before starting to write.

Here are some tips that we recommend to our students when preparing for the Cambridge Advanced exam at Atlas. These, then, are our top five tips to help you improve your writing and get better marks in the Advanced Writing paper? We have sent you an email with the different course options. You may be asked to use persuasive language or language of dissatisfaction, mario builder v12 so make sure you go into the exam aware of what is typically needed in each of the writings.

It would make no difference to my sister if I borrowed her hairdryer without asking. Filthy rich is part of an informal collocation that means really rich. Why do some students fear the Writing paper? Make sure you extend your answers.

Top tips for passing the CAE (Cambridge Advanced English)

Cambridge are very strict about this, so practice writing beforehand so that you are able to estimate your own word count reasonably well without having to waste time counting every few minutes. Can you work out why the others are wrong?

For example, if you do not differentiate between the task types correctly, you will lose points on Communicative Achievement. So, how much do you actually know about the Cambridge Advanced exam? However, distractors see above are as important to be aware of in the Listening tasks as they are in the Reading paper.