Reflections Of A Man

On one hand, women gain a new perspective on the true value of their love, raise their standards and refuse to settle. And the way I look at it is that a lot of what I read in this book that a man should do for a woman, a woman should also do for a man but I think this book implies that. Open Preview See a Problem? Though the writer claims that he's a man and so is his pseudonym, but his writing style, as well as his perspective towards life, is that of a woman.

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User Review - Flag as inappropriate I'm highly inspired by your thoughts good luck. So I wan't to say thank you to Mr. So this is the work of a woman. One must read every topic slowly and try to understand what the author is trying to convey instead of just flipping the pages by reading fast.

You don't have to sit and read for thirty minutes to finally understand what point the author is trying to get across. After this not only did it confirm how much I invested myself into someone else but how I'd complete lost who I was and what I was no longer willing to take. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Then, frame design one day he just leaves without any reason! The reason I say this is that this book has lots of empty pages to fill your gloomy thoughts with.

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Some of the later passages read like poetry to me and overall, it's a beautiful and inspiring book. Why would a man go to such lengths just to tell what his obligations are and not a word about his rights? Once you find a loving guy, you yourself will know that he's the one! One thing that I just noticed that there were repeated sayings in the book. However, if you met with a wrong man who is mentioned in the book, you find yourself and your memories in the every single line in this book.

Very easy to follow and straight to the point. Amari is definitely a wise man who truly cherishes love and relationships. The give, the take, the understanding, the equilibrium. That's very normal and happy for you. It indirectly implies that fall of every relation happens because of men who don't treat women right.

Caved in because of the hype about this, especially from girls on Facebook. This guy sure knows about how a woman thinks and feels. Her main focus is that she shouldn't be blamed, not get mad on, and not to keep your expectations high from her but she has the right to all the afore said things. But, it is just a book written to please female readers and up their morale. After awhile it does have a certain pattern and the things start to blur and look all the same, but the advices are good and helpful at some situations.

Many people have asked me to puttogether a package about Mr. But overall it's a really good and helpful read. It misses out on a lot of things like the scenarios where women are responsible for the downfall of a relationship. This book is an example of how posting quotes in Facebook can increase sales. However, for married couples, termination of marriage puts too much at stake and a different approach is needed to save whatever is left.

Reflections Of A Man by Amari Soul

All in all, it still an inspirational book to read. Easy read but some of the passages feels so eccentric.

Even if we know we are right, we wonder if we might wrong. All men are not Prince Charmings.

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It is about you, the beautiful, strong woman. Some people do it for the notoriety and others do it for the fame, but I am not interested in either. Those who are depressed should not read it, it will make them gloomy neither should those who are happy it will make them gloomy anyway. Make her feel so beautiful that all she wants to do is hold you in her arms and dance all night.

This is a very easy and light read. It was good to reflect back on old relationships and understand why they never worked and what I can do now to make things with my partner better and sustain into the future. Amari Soul, but I have humbly declined. Amari Soul promoting his book through highlighting a quote from it. Rather than forgetting and shunning them it asks you to dwell on them.

Thank you author for collecting these mental notes in whole. Well not literally but figuratively. On the other hand, men become better equipped to, not only understand a woman's emotional needs, but they are better able to meet or exceed their new standards as well. Very uplifting and inspirational. Over all, it just gives something to ponder upon.

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Amari caught me right there. Reading such tips and guide is never hard, but Following them is! It was the best book I've ever read about relationships, men and women's perspectives. But, Amari Soul was so Clear in his messages and the tips that he offered were crisp, clear, thought provoking and Useful.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. We all have a moment of doubt.

Quotes from Reflections Of A Man. And to read about his reflections about men added my knowledge about how they should think and move while pursuing a woman. Make her l Reflections of a Man was for me was an inspiring read.

Overall, it's an Okay read. For me it's as simple as this quote from the book. There seemed to be a heavy sense of female empowerment in this book, which is fabulous but I think the man in a healthy relationship should be treated just as equally. Personal message me your email id so that i could send you.

Bibliographic information. These one or two line sentences say it all.

This book comprises of lots of Relationship Tips for Both men and Women. It exceeds all my expectations, and to be honest it said all what I hoped to say one day, and every word I was unable to rephrase or confess with to my loved one. You should have a good understanding between both types of men, in order to recognize them quickly. There Very uplifting and inspirational. Good publicity, too many sponsored posts and creative writing Like literally creative with italics and all brought me this book.

This book is not my recommendation. The book is full of quotes on how a man should be Princess Charming like and romantic to keep a woman happy. Welcome to the book of quotes heavily marketed in Facebook. What hurts you the most is not the fact that it's over, but rather that you chose to waste your time with him in the first place. When he shows up, he wants you.

This is when you should reference this book. You see, people do things for many different reasons. And it covers the topics well for the targeted audience and helps you to carry yourself and move on. Many women, especially those who are in right after breakup or rejection phase may find this as a comforting book.