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You clearly misunderstand what is going on here. No where near the issue around Duke Nukem. But I bet I would love an improved version.

In cases with other paid programs the conclusion would be because of money purposes. Is there any technical reason? Hey man can you tell us the technical reasons behind it? Or is this simply to reduce the number of configurations needed for testing and keep things moving towards the future?

Many folks in the open source community are fine folks, but my general experience with them has been one of entitlement and hostility. This means that I will be using Paint. This is the author choice. But seriously, this is a bold move of which I and many others are supportive. Always nice to see good software that actually tries to force some forward momentum rather than supporting old platforms until doomsday.

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Now that the flames have died down I may just write up a post detailing it. Cross platform support has never been a goal of Paint. People want new software so they have to accept that the software may depending of the complete systeme including hardware and operating system. This blog post is an announcement so people can get prepared if necessary, and not be surprised.

The irony is that many people would be using paint. First time reading the blog.

Now if more people would drop support for old systems and better yet start dropping bit support we would be on our way to reducing needless redundancy in coding, and getting cleaner, faster code. Just have a look at other open source projects, and how their authors build the community, and handle themselves, even in the face of criticism. Well, I pretty much expected this.

Everyone has its Duke Nukem Forever project or at least should have. But I know other tools, if paint.

But we still undrstand your position and appreciate for your great project! Commercial product, a whole team of elite developers, etc. Otherwise is that it is too difficult to support it. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

You just might change your mind. Anyway, check out the forum. One of my favorite pieces of your blog is when you post usage stats and how that influences various decisions of yours along the way. There is a lot of freewares and even low cost sharewares with the same level of functionality or even more than paint.

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Whenever you get around to writing Windows software, twitter for nokia e72 then you can support all the different versions of Windows that you want to. May I ask what the technical reason for dropping Vista was? What is the technical point? You are removing updates and new features for over half of your userbase.

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Regardless, good riddance to bad rubbish. So if you ever get tired of all the freeware freeloaders that do nothing but complain, just start charging for it. Regardless of what you do, thankyou for this awesome tool.

Yeah, I can say that your project is excellent! By Rick Brewster, lazy, untalented, unskilled hack. Good to see sanity in one place on the internet.

There are some great cross platform programming packages out they that are free. There are other alternatives.

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What is funny no reputable techsite noticed it. The main discussion is the new features of paint. There will still be more flames though of course. It is obvious that you are projecting your own hatred, mistrust, and suspicion, and you would benefit greatly from not being such a pessimist.

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