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But Reena discovers that though the priest is genuinely possessed by the spirit of Karuppu Sami on occasion, he was not the killer. While Ragasiyam was set in both village and city, Vidathu Kaupu had a complete village setting. The box containing the lingams is lost in the van Vaithiyar was driving, and finds its way to Chennai. Watch Tamil TV Serial Shows Online and Tamil Videos

The interesting story line was knitted about the past and the present. With a series of mysterious murders in the village, the series centres around who has done it shown through the eyes of a medical student Reena Devadharshini who comes to the village with her mentor.

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Tamil TV Serials Marmadesam-Vidaathu Karuppu

Eventually, Rajendran proposes to Reena who rebuffs him questioning his masculinity. Who the actual karuppu is revealed later. The novel version of this season is Vaanathu Manithargal.

TV Serial Marma Desam

In her investigations, Reena is assisted by Rajendran who acts as her guide. In an attempt to find out what they are actually doing inside the temple, Mani hides in the temple one night.

How she finds out the truth and brings it out is the rest of the story. The Aandavar vanam shows some unbelievable Mysteries also it has some hidden facts on behalf of the Varma Kalai. One by one, four people are killed inside the temple, including a police inspector who is there to investigate the mystery.

Vidathu Karuppu was the most successful of the Marmadesam series. Rajendran gradually falls in love with Reena who, though in love with Rajendran, pretends not to be. The story-line is about the mysterious healing powers of Navabhashanam Lingams of Lord Shiva. Because of that we can say that this novel is based on Edhuvum Nadakkum series. Sorna Regai had a complete city setting.

Tamil TV Serial Vidathu Karuppu

The whole Murder is targeted to the persons who are very close to S. However, on the way, the accomplice is killed by a truck, which also chases Vaithiyar, but only manages to send him into a coma. Eventually, they witness some mysterious and gruesome deaths. Strangers to the area who go in search of this tree are lost in the forest. Due to the greediness and cruel hearted Bullakku pecchi, the mother of Anaimudi, the entire family of Kuthirai Naicker commits suicide.

Witnesses to the miracles and mysteries of the forest, they are lost in the jungle in pursuit of the Kalpavriksham. The lady doctor who identify the murder which was done by Varma Kalai and she informed Anwar about it. As he is about to get caught, he escapes with the lingams he had already stolen, and sets off to Chennai with an accomplice. The plot does not continue.

Vidaathu Karuppu, a thriller serial, with the story provided by Indira Soundarajan, who is famous for his thrilling stories, Vidathu Karuppu was a super hit. Directed by Naga, and the music composed by Vihaan was an added advantage to the success of the serial. This belief attracts a number of rationalists to the temple, who want to try and solve the mystery. As the duo learn about the mysteries of the place, they smell something fishy in the alleged deaths of Sivagurunathan and Natarajan.

TV Serial Marma Desam

She comes to the village to take the blessings of Karuppu Sami, to marry her lover Arvind, a colleague of her. To achieve this, he makes everyone believe he is retarded, and lands up in Oomaisaamy's ashram.

Pechi murders one of her opponents and is eventually killed herself, the first in a string of mysterious deaths attributed to Karuppu Sami. An ashram adjacent to the temple, headed by Oomaisaamy Charuhasan is also a popular name, as it cures literally any physically or mentally ill patient. He is a rationalist, who does not believe in myths and rituals.

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As Mani and Prasad try to reveal the temple's mystery even more, they come to know that Dr. Enna Pidichirukka Movie Review. The rest of the story is a nail-biting chase for these lingams.

Enraged by this, the Minister ridicules Dr. At a point of time, the greedy women Bullakku pechchi absconds, and after few days, she is considered as dead. It is believed that they are killed in the pursuit of this sacred tree. Thanumalayakkudi is a small tribal settlement in a jungle in the interior of South India. With the screenplay and dialogues by Indira Soundarajan, the story was oscillated between the past and present.

Instead, he chooses to rationalize his beliefs, and hence often ends up at odds with his father with regard to the temple's mysteries and rituals. Hence, the entire village is convinced that the temple of Chitheshwarar is actually a den of heavenly Siddhas who pray during the night, leaving ordinary people to pray during the day. The culprit also using the Boomerang to kill the people and it will knock the varma point of the human body to kill the people. Bhaskar Sorna Reghai, Iyanthira Paravai. Rajendran, a village native, falls in love with Reena, he proposes to her, but she denies him.

Strict inter-clan codes and beliefs bind the members of the tribe. While Reena's boss instantly believes in the legend, Reena, herself is sceptical about it.

The lone survivor from the Kuthirai Naicker family, who was in Srilanka, comes to the village and the family matters taken over by the deity Karuppu. The second season was titled Vidaathu Karuppu. One of the proud productions of K.

Ragasiyam is the first season of Marmadesam series. Vidathu Karuppu is highly successful serial of the Marmadesam series, it was a trend-setter in the Tamil television history! Marmadesam - Sorna Regai Previous. The story examines the psychological underpinnings of the concept of split personalities even while exploring in detail the rural cult of Karuppu Sami prevalent in the southern part of Tamil Nadu. While the stories are purely fictitious, salaat time software they explore to some extent the beliefs and real-life traditions of Tamilnadu.

It is directed by Naga, with Chetan and Devadarshini playing the lead roles. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Jai Hanumaan Shiridi Sai Baba. Sangu chakkaram Movie Review.

Meanwhile, the Kumarassammy daughter was killed by the culprit who object the information city project and S. Also, the two men seem to get instructions from someone inside the village, who knows and is capitalizing on the superstitious nature of the villagers. Therefore, the reporter suspect the Aasan and told about it to the Anwar and Kumarasammy, the both are neglect her statement.