Godavari Movie Songs South Mp3

Raji subsequently discovers the controlling and chauvinistic nature of Ravi, and starts having second thoughts about their impending marriage. Raji conveys that she's not sure about her feelings for Ram. The relationship between Ram and Seetha goes through ups and downs through the journey.

Raji disappointed and hurt confides in Seeta and tells her not to tell her family about their eloping plan. Disappointed and heartbroken, Ram is forced to join his family on the river cruise to Bhadrachalam, where Raji is to get married. He's in love with his cousin Raji Neetu Chandra and hopes to marry her. Hearing of their plan, Seetha thinks that Ram still loves Raji. Meanwhile, Raji and Ravi's team are lost in the hunt as Raji misguides him accidentally, thereby angering him.

We can note the similarity in the names of the protagonists and the house boat cruise on the Godavari river. Frustrated and angry, call of duty 4 patch 1.6 Seetha decides to take a break from everything and makes plans to go on a river boat journey on the Godavari.

Later she realises that her bag of chips are actually in her room. Ram says he will pick her up at a specific location and time and sends the details on a piece of paper to her through Chinna.

Thereby the plan of Ram meeting Raji goes awry. However he soon realises that she has already agreed to marry Ravi.

And for the same reason he does not want his daughter to marry him. Ram who is behind her on the plank lifts her in his arms, walks through the ramp and releases her on the boat.

Godavari (2006)

Godavari Theatrical poster. The director said the movie carried the same essence and feel of the movie Andala Ramudu directed by Bapu. Unnikrishnan was also a huge hit and was nominated at the Filmfare Awards South in the best female playback singer category. Ram willingly approves, further winning her admiration.

Godavari movie songs south mp3Godavari movie songs south mp3

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Sreeram, aka Ram Sumanth finishes his masters from United States in engineering, but returns to India wishing to serve the people by entering politics. Telugu-language films films Indian films Indian romance films Indian romantic drama films s romantic drama films Films directed by Sekhar Kammula. Ram feels he did her a favour as she was having difficulty walking the ramp, but Seeta angrily demands an apology from him for touching her without her permission.

After pursuing her for a long time, she agrees to take a walk with him, where he suddenly proposes to her. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Switch to Desktop Version. During a halt in their journey, the boat captain organizes a treasure-hunt and they both team up as one. It is on this boat cruise that Ram and Seetha meet.

He thereby expresses that his feelings were only for Seeta. Ram tells her that he never had any plan of marrying Raji, that the piece of paper he gave Chinna was blank, and that the whole plan was just a hoax.

Seetha is shocked and confused and demands an explanation from Ram regarding his eloping plan with Raji. There are also several sub plots involving other characters on the river boat. She tries her best to woo Ram romantically in many ways from here on.

The film was a success at the box office in addition to receiving critical acclaim. It won several Nandi and Filmfare awards. Taking that as a challenge, Ram says that he will prove his worth to her father and win her hand. Sumanth Kamalinee Mukherjee Neetu Chandra. Chinna instead swallows the paper as he is well aware of Seeta's feelings for Ram.

Hearing this, Seeta is once again happy and agrees to marry Ram. During the journey, Pullamma's brother sings a song and gets a tip from Ram. The easygoing Ram apologises and moves on.

Godavari movie songs south mp3Godavari movie songs south mp3Godavari movie songs south mp3

The music of the film was composed by K. When they are just a step away from winning the treasure hunt Seeta asks Ram to let Chinna win since the latter is in financial need. Seeta starts writing a diary to record her memories of her trip and she starts it with Ram.

Godavari (film)