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Rosetta Stone

Rocket Languages has one of the most accurate voice recognition algorithms of the programs we looked at. These modules build on each other and culminate in the conversation module. You can find the Duolingo stories under the Labs tab in the online or mobile app.

The 8 Best French Audio Courses and Lessons to Get Your Fran ais Rolling

If you learn best on your own and like to customize your lessons, how to psp games to your psp Ouino French is the best choice for you. The course is presented in such a relaxing manner as Mark and his student Anna discuss the French language and go over vocabulary.

Interested in sharing your language learning resource with our audience? Another handy feature of this French learning software is the non-linear learning path.

Best French-Learning Software - Programs to Learn French

Paul Pimsleur is another big name in the language learning world, so get ready to learn from a master. We found all the programs we reviewed to be relatively simple to navigate, but there were a couple, including Easy French Platinum, that we had issues getting the software downloaded and installed.

Note that this product is available as a download, while all the other products I'm going to mention will have to be ordered from Amazon, or purchased from the store. The first few lessons teach you important phrases that help you navigate a train station, order food at a restaurant and interact with a taxi driver.

Reasons to Buy Cultural lessons provide necessary vocabulary and insight for travelers. The persistent reminders are a good tool for someone who needs extra motivation. You can purchase a perpetual license and download it on your computer, or you can buy a boxed copy that includes an installation disc. English especially for English speakers sounds like separate words, not so flowing.

French Learn Languages for Free

If you want the program long term and plan on attempting some degree of fluency, buying the software outright may be a better choice. You can't walk there, you have to take a taxi. Both of those options give you access to the desktop and mobile app that can track your progress through the lesson plan. What better time to learn french than in the car! These lessons tend to be nice and bite-sized for car journeys.

It also covers quite a lot of idioms. Learners trapped in a car who want to make up their own sentences. In addition, its Survival Kit lessons focus on words and terms that are essential for getting around in French-speaking countries.

This nine-hour course is divided into three levels and is pretty straightforward. The man, the legend, Michel Thomas. They're all one-off payments.

And with the Total, Perfect or Masterclass editions of his French audio courses, you can get to a pretty high French level. Best Value Duolingo Duolingo is completely free and breaks the lessons into small, manageable chunks so you can learn at your own pace. You sing along, and can even read along in the colorful book it comes with. Go to site to find out more.

Best French-Learning Software - Programs to Learn FrenchFrench Audio Lessons

By no means are audio courses the be-all and end-all of French language learning. Navigation French Language and Culture Blog.

Rosetta Stone

FluentU brings authentic French videos within reach of any learner. Purchasing Options After testing all the options, we believe the easiest and most flexible way to purchase a language learning software is through an online subscription. Rosetta Stone has an easy-to-use desktop application and the best mobile language learning app we reviewed.


As the third student, you participate as he talks with his students and asks them questions. Later on, after introducing his language learning method, he became a world-renowned linguist. However, Fluenz has the most diverse purchasing options of all the programs we tested. That confusing-sounding conversation at the start of the lesson will now be clear as day.

Rocket French The interactive audio course part of Rocket French is simply wonderful. The audio companion is a great feature if you want to take French lessons without using Wi-Fi or cellular data.