Deadly Games

When she returned as a wrestler in her own right, Mero employed a new valet Jacqueline and the two naturally squared off. Unfortunately, his father was a two-bit crook who spent most of his life in jail. In the last first round match, the Rock was to square off against a returning Triple H.

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The referee awarded the match via disqualification to Austin but that did not stop the onslaught from Boss Man's nightstick, much to the delight of Mr. Dr Kramer is defeated early on and Sharon, The oral Hygienist, continues to carry on the task. McMahon introduce Mankind and his mystery opponent.

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McMahon's feud continued to escalate after he was cheated in the semi-finals. Next, Alfredo threw a set of knives around Anna as a wheel spun with her attached to it. Socko was tied round Head's head. McMahon telling the audience how he had successfully screwed Steve Austin, Mankind and the people.

The second semi-final between The Rock and The Undertaker was fought initially around ringside, mostly a series of punches and headbutts until Rock was thrown back into the ring. By living out some of her sexual fantasies she faces the truth about her life and helps one of the cult's victims escape. To add to her trouble the boy's deranged father has escaped from an asylum and is planning on making a visit.

Deadly Games returned for The Champions. The basic plot of the show is about video game characters that come to life, re-enacting their deadly plans for wanton destruction and world domination in the real world. Deadly Games finished in sixth or seventh place in America's Vote. Gerald Brisco and Slaughter climbed in the ring and hit Austin with a chair, then Shane counted the pinfall advancing Mankind into the final. Both threw each other around the ring before the match was taken briefly outside, facebook hacker v1 Undertaker thrown into the crowd barrier and Kane stomped into the steel steps.

Austin caught him from behind with a clothesline and the two fought in and out of the ring with referee Mike Chioda reluctant to count out or disqualify either wrestler. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. She believes the killer to be either the town's policeman or the manager of the local theater, and she devises a plan to find out which is the actual killer.

McMahon then made good on his threat to fire Austin, and the title was left vacant. The Rock defeated Big Boss Man. He stopped Rock from finishing the People's Elbow by grabbing at his foot, allowing Undertaker to take Rock down, though Undertaker struck Boss Man from the apron. At the same time, Lauren's comedian friend is attempting to make a comeback.

The Rock was pummeled by a series of strikes and throat punches from Undertaker that eventually left him tied up in the ropes. Goldust regained some momentum after standing up and, although Shamrock was able to reverse it initially Goldust soon had some advantage in the match. He then reversed a suplex with one of his own before dropping Mankind's crotch onto the crowd barrier. Meet The Trash Man, a filthy adversary armed with radioactive sludge who is out to destroy the sites of all of Gus and Lauren's most magical moments.

Regal pulled him out to fit a seated abdominal stretch on him. Jarrett went to attack him again in the corner but a kick from Snow allowed him to grab the Head and smack into it Jarrett's face, allowing a victory via pinfall when the referee finally looked back.

As he did, Head came away in his hand and he realized Mr. Silly and definitely entertaining! From this position he was able to toss Undertaker out of the ring and followed him, fighting in the crowd eventually. The following week McMahon threatened him with expulsion from the company if he could not win a match against former Nation of Domination stable mate Mark Henry. Gunn and Brown fought with Mosh trying to steal a pinfall.

Deadly Games (TV Series ) - IMDb

Regal pursued him and both men were counted out. Much was made that Leonard Nimoy was executive producer, creative consultant and directed the pilot.

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Although Kane would retake the advantage in the ring, a jumping elbow drop met with the mat when Undertaker set up. Alfredo is a sixth-generation performer. Regal's mat-based technical style kept X-Pac slowed down and without much of his arsenal.

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Gangrel with Christian and Edge defeated Steve Blackman. Sable reversed again, throwing Jacqueline to the ground, picking her up to deliver a Sable Bomb and winning the Women's Championship. The two other feuds going into the event were both championship feuds. Learn more More Like This.

The Jackal wears a vanilla-white ice cream suit and drives a Chrysler convertible to match. Rock held on and slowly crawled for the ring break.

Big Boss Man came to the ring as Shamrock moved from a chin lock into his ankle lock. Halfway through the evening, Women's Champion Jacqueline defended her title against Sable.

Gus, Lauren, and Peter are then forced to play the game for real. Despite this, and a People's Elbow, Shamrock still kicked out and managed to reverse a Rock Bottom attempt into a belly-to-belly suplex. Both wrestlers secured takedowns or the other before Mankind slowed down the match with a sleeper hold on Rock. Ken Shamrock defeated Goldust by submission.

They were eliminated in the Semifinals. Austin defied the order and attacked both Undertaker and Kane, then counted both brothers out and declared himself the winner and champion.