Civil War Generals

List of Confederate monuments and memorials Removal of Confederate monuments and memorials List of memorials to Robert E. Mitchell, Robert Byington. Garrard, Theophilus Toulmin.

Acting Quartermaster General. Don't waste your time on this, ignore what other says, it's not really great coz nothing is inside the folders. Uncle of Charles Rivers Ellet. Grant Vicksburg William Tecumseh Sherman.

Garfield was a member of the Republican party. Brodhead, Thornton Fleming. At Fort Donelson he refused to surrender his men, walking out of a council of war and leading them to safety. Although Joe Johnston slipped away from him at Winchester to support P.

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Given command of western theater operations. Granted an independent army after his well-publicized problems with Braxton Bragg, his cavalry raids caused Sherman to repeatedly advance forces to capture him. Buckingham, Catharinus Putnam. With few active officers to fill many commands, the two Civil War armies had to look to other persons for military leadership.

His command took Missionary Ridge in a frontal assault at Chattanooga. Articles on the others shown in red links because there are no existing articles about those officers are planned. This makes the Civil War a fascinating study of interpersonal relationships.

Only naval officer in either army to reach major general Shot and killed in a private altercation by Brigadier General Jefferson C. Williamson, James Alexander.

Click here to review our site terms of use. Ransom, Thomas Edward Greenfield. Mansfield, Joseph King Fenno. Many officers were promoted to higher ranks during the war, which included promotions to the rank of general. Smith Stuart Taylor Wheeler.

American Civil WarList of American Civil War generals

Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff. He engaged the Confederates repeatedly, fighting a war of attrition The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor and Petersburg with Lee until the end of the war. That night he was shot in a friendly fire incident. Jackson rolled up the federal right flank almost to the center of the federal line.

Some officers who were promoted to full actual grade general received brevet promotions first. First officer to muster a company of volunteers for U. He was mortally wounded at the battle of Yellow Tavern.

Sherman, William Tecumseh. Involvement by state or territory. Continued in position until succeeded Benjamin F.

List of American Civil War generals (Union)

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Washburn, Cadwallader Colden. Warner decided to accept them as full grade generals.

Johnson was a member of the Democrat party. Your email address will not be published. Grant left and Confederate General Robert E. Territorial Governor of Idaho U.

They may have been appointed to full grade later or may have been brigadier generals who received a brevet major general award. Stolbrand, Charles John b. Seniority was determined by the date of rank stated in the Senate's confirmation resolution, which could have been a date earlier than the confirmation date. As noted, while General Wright, Ezra J.

Chancellorsville would be his last battle. Philip Sheridan Philip Sheridan was a major general in the Union army. Hayes was a member of the Republican party. President and Commander in Chief. He was the second of four presidents to be assassinated, with Abraham Lincoln being the first.

Grant was a Union general and one of the most famous generals of the Civil War. Some of those state appointments predated the start of the Civil War and some occurred after. Garfield Garfield was a Union general in the Civil War. Generals of the Civil War either won or lost battles due to their competence as commanders or their incompetence. For an introduction and further information, enigma relaxing music why mp3 see List of American Civil War generals.

These centered on the possible abolition of slavery but included competing understandings of federalism, party politics, expansionism, sectionalism, tariffs, economics, values, and social structures. Hammond, William Alexander. Grant Grant was a Union general in the Civil War. Commissioner on Lincoln assassination trial.

Languages Deutsch Nederlands Polski Edit links. Webarchive template wayback links. Therefore, it can not be assumed that all officers who received brevet general awards necessarily were not actual substantive generals.

Brigadier General George D. Bartlett, William Francis. Cameron, Robert Alexander. Jubal Early Jubal Early was a major general in the Confederate army.

McCook, Alexander McDowell. Colonel and chief engineer at start of the war. Starkweather, John Converse.

Grab your stuff while you still can. Lightburn, Joseph Andrew Jackson.

Civil War Generals