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After saving their face, Siddhu admonishes Hasini for her antics at the marriage. In return, Kanaka Rao wants to know more about Siddhu by having him live in house for a week. Alongside this, Siddhu applies for a bank loan to start out on his dream of building his career.

He realizes that he has fallen in love with her. Bhaskar Abburi Ravi Dialogues. The film begins with a baby taking his first steps on a beach supported by his father. In the interview, he said that the script, up to and extent, is autobiographical.

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As the credits roll, a visibly angry Siddhu Siddharth begins uttering abuses at all the fathers in the world. He confesses to her that he is engaged to get married to Subbulakshmi against his wishes, but what he really wants is her. Siddhu requests Subbulakshmi and her parents to call off the impending marriage.

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However, he vows that his career and the woman he marries will be his own choice. He cites instances where his choices of dressing, hairstyle, and many others are overruled by his father's. At this juncture, the ecstatic Siddhu is seen by a furious Aravind. Seeing her chirpy nature and vibrance, Siddhu begins to like her.

As she settles down in the house, one after the other begins to like her. When Kanaka Rao disagrees to get the two lovers married, Aravid suggests letting Siddhu stay with them for a week and the story returns to the pre-credits scene. Siddhu is admonished back home and he expresses his disinterest in marriage with Subbulakshmi. The film had its own share of controversies.

He makes attempts to know her by meeting her on a regular basis. Her infectious vivacity presents Siddu with a whole new world of liveliness and independence. However, with Aravind's final say, they eventually get engaged.

Bommarillu Theatrical release poster. In the process, he starts liking her cherubic and ever-friendly nature and as someone who does what she loves. Theatrical release poster.

When asked for his reason to like Hasini, Siddhu replies saying that if Hasini can stay with their family for a week, then all their questions shall be answered. Siddhu is admonished back home and he expresses his disinterest in marrying Subbulakshmi.

After getting back to her house, she rebuilds the trust her father has in her while Siddhu is left forlorn. At the dining table, Aravind, Managing Director of their construction company, asks if Siddhu will join their office. When his love for Hasini deepens, he wishes to propose to her. On the sets of the film Arya, Raju offered Bhaskar a movie to direct.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The film won the Golden Nandi Award. Even though getting used to the living habits of the authoritarian Arvind's household was difficult, Hasini stayed put for Siddhu's sake.

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However, he vows that the two things that will be of his choice would be, his career and the woman he would marry. He confesses to her that he is engaged to Subbulakshmi against his wishes, but who he really wants is her. Films directed by Bhaskar.

The next week, Siddhu returns home to realize that he is going to get engaged to Subbulakshmi Neha against his wishes. Even though getting used to the living habits of the authoritarian Aravind's household is difficult, Hasini stays for Siddhu's sake. Switch to Desktop Version.

And during this phase, Siddu and Hasini begin to grow apart owing to the tensions in the house. One day the entire family along with Hasini attends a marriage ceremony.

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Films inspired by Bommarillu. The father has a justification in the form of his dream, car parking game for android mobile that is to build a dream house - Bommarillu.

Siddhu is attracted to her cheerful nature and energy, and the couple begin to meet on a regular basis. As days go by, he realizes about so many small things in her company that gave him happiness. Jayasudha's efforts to remake this film in Hindi with Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan were unsuccessful.

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Owing to its box office success, it was remade in to the successful Tamil film, Santosh Subramaniam. The film's success broke several records at the box office during its prime.

Lakshmi confronts Aravind on Siddhu's choices and wants. Hasini realizes her father's presence and quickly exits to avoid his attention.

Several modifications were done by the art director, Prakash. Sri Venkateswara Creations.

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The viewers are left to assume that the two lovers have a happy union. One day, the entire family along with Hasini attends a marriage ceremony. Everything for him should be like a picture that fills the jigsaw. The shooting of the film took about three and a half months.

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