Beautiful Bastard Christina Lauren

Shelve Beautiful Bombshell. Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren.

Bennett has returned to Chicago from France to take a vital role in his family's massive media business. Did it start as Twilight fiction or something? Enjoying the book so far but trying not to let this weird coincidence put a damper on things! Did I mention the fact that he's gorgeous too? There was nothing original in that regard.

See a Problem

See a Problem

It occurred to me I might bruise, and for a sick moment I hoped I did. When will publishers and readers and the world realize that publishing fanfic is wrong? Hobbs originally began working on the story in under the title of The Office. Do I lead off with the fan-fiction talk?

Honestly, I am one of the rare readers that doesn't have a problem with fanfiction. The side characters were forgettable. Her strangled sound made me smile, Fuck you.

Beautiful Bastard Series

When you take that element out, it fell faster than a shaky Jenga stack. It was a blazing inferno of stomach clenching and heart melting moments mixed with panty melting and ovary obliteration. While reading, you don't have to suffer an addle-brained heroine, ulcer-inducing jealousy, or soul-bleeding torment.

Bennett is drawn to Chloe, but acts terse towards her. Chemistry is non-existent. She was sexy and delicious and free spirited.

Beautiful Bastard Series by Christina Lauren

Don't get me wrong I am all for sex part but this was simply ridiculous! The King Kong movie has been remade many different times but each time it was a box office sensation so why can't that be the case with books, right? It's the way you react that makes me feel like a fucking god.

Beautiful Bastard was such a book. Really, this story is just boners and wet spots on a beautiful-bastard-vs-beautiful-bitch scale, sciencedirect which is still just boners and wet spots. The opportunity to read Beautiful Bastard is case in point. Beautiful Bitch by Christina Lauren. Beautiful by Christina Lauren.

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Beautiful Bastard (Beautiful Bastard 1) by Christina Lauren

The character names were changed in order to publish. First thing was that I had a hard time remembering the characters. That's actually very impressive.

She an alpha female, but she and Ryan make it work! For God's sake, it was like a bad porno!

This book was literally porn on paper. Well, call me crazy, but I actually enjoyed this one. Well, I feel like I'm an unpopular opinion on this one. Their dialogue is just so.

But, you know what I do mind? Oh porny librarian, I have some serious disappoint.

Bennett and Chloe absolutely loathe one another. Am I supposed to be excited by this? And the message is mostly lost because there's no real depth to his coming to terms anyway. Cover for the first edition. You're the one who pressed into my dick in the elevator.

Beautiful Bastard (Beautiful Bastard 1) by Christina Lauren

And don't let me just start with the lack of chemistry and connection between them! Am I the only one who is now picturing serious funk smell in that office? Ryan is seriously good looking, but also an ass. Linked with Wild Seasons series. She did this to torment me, she had to.

Beautiful Bastard

But, a bunch of sex strung together doth not a story make. These two will have sex wherever they can, if they opportunity makes itself known, then trust me they'll use it!

Beautiful Bastard Series by Christina Lauren

And all that panty-ripping. Finally, the story picks up and I read the second half in a single sitting. Some people hate it, some love it. Just like herpes, there's no cure but it is treatable.