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The schematic doesn't indicate any adjustable component. This website provide me a useful tool and yes! Same thing happened to me.

Which type of transmittter to use. For your information this is a very easy transmitter to make. Please i need help to unlock my modem. What's the radius, or range? Can you please tell me how to make a reciever of the same frequency as this tranmitter.

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Insert transistor, resistors and capacitors on breadboard. As you can see, the unlock code generated is the same as the one generated by the online unlock key generator above. Send it to my e-mail sogbebo yahoo.

Every stage also must be isolated using metal housing, like every person in their private small room. Please let me know about this. Also after the circuit has been on for a while the frequency changes when heat builds up so you have to keep adjusting it. Please i am in Ghana and i just bought a vodaphone modem. Hello, Can you help me with a correct unlock code?

Can someone tell me what frequency this runs at, or where to find a schematic for the receiver? Once I tried a different laptop, it worked. But i dont see any variable capacitor in the picture with bread board! Please send it to me through my facebook account with the name- Anie kingsley.

If you google everything you don't understand you would know how to build this in and hour or two. Pol zealous invitation of communicate, I am weensy to conceptualize it.

IMRAN KHAN - Amplifier Song Video

Hope this helps the ones who are confused. Plss anyone help me to do. Can you kindly send the circuit into my box and also a report on how a transmitter works. My email mmagibisela yahoo.

Can I make a reciever, msmincho.ttc or can I just go out and buy one? At the student level it is a very very hekpfull circuit diagram which promots the ideas in and student mind raised. Please i need the unlock code urgently for my work.

The capacitor needs to have approximately the same range e. Hi friends may someone help me unlock my vodafone huawei usb for modem for free.

IMRAN KHAN - Amplifier Song Video

If anyone can help, please send to me. Iwant to use all otherbrand sim.

Please dont contact me at my email. The second inductor is for decoupling the antenna from the tuned circuit so that moving the antenna does not affect the frequency a lot. Hi, My brother and I are planing to make two for a intercom, is this to powerful for indoor use? So basically, it satisfied me.

Please anybody send me minute details of the components and their purpose. This transmitter is a simple transmitter used to transmit audio only. Deal with some cracking every once in awhile but it does ok. You can enlarge or shrink the spiral separation in the coils.

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Is there any Mac software for this? Or is it just that you do not want people using it as a bug? Please help me to unlock it. Gripping things mentioned here in this lay. Thank you very much again.

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Mostly the vistors duplicate appointive set of assemblage. Has anybody unlocked an E yet? So doing that very times you can get a fixed operation frequency.

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The inside of a ballpoint pen works well the plastic tube that holds the ink. Please assist me right from the beginning as I have no idea how to unlock. She even suggested the use of some kind of op amp or some thing to boost the power of the circuit.

This circuit is workng properly bt sm distrbance is there. Please tell me is there any substitute for varicap and wire used. Play with that and tweek the coils, you'll get it working.